What are Reiki Principles?

Reiki Principles


If you are familiar with Reiki meditation or not, you may still not have heard of the Five Reiki Principles preached by Dr. Mikao Usui. The five principles are a suggested guideline suggested for all Reiki practitioners, grandmasters and enthusiasts to strive for and live by on a daily basis, which allows us to fully embody Reiki energy.

There are 5 Reiki principles and are guidelines that must be followed by each and everyone who practices Reiki. Reiki guidelines help to promote a healthy living and loving the way of leaving.


1) Do not get worried

You know that most everyone faces stress as a major issue in daily lives. If we stop to worry even for a day, we could all live more peacefully and also it would help to benefit your health. SO when you practice Reiki you must trust in God, Have faith in him and know that everything will be over sooner or later.


2) Do not get angry

Anger is a bad emotion. Anger leads to elevated heart rate and more stress. More stress is not good for health. Thus to have a healthy lifestyle, you must turn to healthy habits and emotions. Controlling your anger is the other principle of Reiki.

3) Be grateful

You know that we are never satisfied with what we have. We always for more and more. SO when you follow this principle of Reiki which means to be grateful for what we have like a job, a car, a roof on top of our head, a family that loves us unconditionally and supports us. The law of attraction states that positivity attracts positivity like attracts like, Lack attracts lack. Be grateful for what you have and you will have more.

4) Work honestly

Honesty pays off sooner or later. Working honestly brings purpose and meaning to your life. When you do your work honestly  you feel your purpose is fulfilled and feel good about yourself.\

5) Be kind to all living things

This principle says us to be kind, caring and loving for all living things. When we give out something, we receive it back tenfold. We all are deserved to be loved and cared about. At the end of the day, we will feel happy as if we have filled somebody’s life with lights of happiness.