Reiki is a Japanese form of meditation and an alternative method of healing developed nearly 100 years ago in Japan by its founder Mikao Usui. Reiki is derived from two Japanese words “Rei” means “spiritual power” and “Ki” means “energy”. Put together, Reiki is translated as the spiritual energy of all life force present in all living beings.

Reiki symbols are used as teaching tools for Reiki students. These Reiki symbols do not have any special power themselves. It is the practitioner’s focus on his energy that energizes these symbols. Here are the 5 Reiki symbols that are considered the most sacred by Reiki practitioners. Each symbol may be referred by its intention or Japanese name, a name that represents its importance while practicing Reiki.


The Power Symbol

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The Cho Ku Rei or Reiki power symbol is used to increase or decrease the energy/power one focuses while doing Reiki. Its use and ability is to enlighten or illuminate the Reiki practitioner spiritually. The symbol is drawn in the shape of coil, which is believed by Reiki practitioners to be the regulator of qi. The power symbol is a Reiki symbol for healing, cleansing and purification. It is also used as a catalyst. Another use of this symbol is to focus on one’s attention.

The Harmony Symbol

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The sei hei ki is a Reiki harmony symbol. It is used for healing people from past physical or emotional trauma and to unblock the creative energies in them. The intention of this symbol is purification. It is drawn during treatments for addictions or depression in order to restore the spiritual energy of the receiver. The symbol can be drawn or resembles that of a wave washing across the beach or the wings of a bird in flight.

The Distance Symbol

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Hon Sha ze Sho nen is a distance Reiki symbol. It is used when sending energy or “ki” across long distances. While treatments, it’s main use or intention is to bring the receiver and the giver together across space and time. It is also used as a tool by all Reiki practitioners working on past- life issues with their clients. The distance healing power of Reiki depends completely on the giver and how much focused his energy is to energize the distance healing symbol. It is also believed to be like a key to the source of all human consciousness.


The Master Symbol

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Dai Ko Myo is the Reiki Master Symbol. It is a symbol used only by Reiki master’s. It represents all that is Reiki. Reiki masters symbol Dai Ko Myo means that it is the symbol of the great enlightenment. Reiki master’s use it when attuning starts. It is the most hardest symbol to draw with hand during a Reiki session. This symbol heals the healers by connecting the power of Distance, power and harmony symbols. 


The Completion Symbol

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The Raku symbol also is known as the Reiki completion symbol. It is used during the last or final stage in the Reiki attunement process. The Reiki practitioners use this symbol as Reiki treatment is coming to an end, settling the body and sealing the awakened ki within it. The lightning bolt symbol is made by the hands and is drawn downwards, symbolizing the completion of Reiki healing session.


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